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Huawei and Dialog Telekom Deploy ngHLR in Sri Lanka

[ShenZhen, China, 10 May, 2010] Huawei, a leader in providing next-generation telecommunications network solutions for operators around the world, and Dialog Telekom PLC ("Dialog"), the largest mobile carrier in Sri Lanka, today announced the successful deployment of a next-generation Home Location Register ("ngHLR"). The deployment of ngHLR can serve 10 million subscribers in Sri Lanka and enable Dialog to realize centralized management, simplify its network, and support future subscriber growth.

Huawei' s ngHLR solution addresses the challenges operators face by enabling them to improve reliability of HLR networks and reduce the high OPEX of HLR. Huawei replaced four traditional HLRs in Dialog' s network with one pair of Huawei ngHLRs, which were deployed in two strategic locations: Union Place and Malabe. This solution enables seamless geographical redundancy and gives reliability of 99.9999%, thus greatly improves the stability of Dialog' s network. In addition, the deployment of Huawei' s ngHLR further simplifies Dialog' s network and increases operational efficiency. The intelligent and unified O&M functions reduce the complexity of maintenance. Moreover, Huawei' s ngHLR can smoothly evolve to become a Unified Subscriber Centre, the subscriber-centric data center across networks and applications, to meet Dialog' s full service operation requirements and the rapid market expansion of the future.

"Dialog is always engaged in providing world-class experiences for our growing customer base by continuously adopting leading network technology. Huawei' s ngHLR solution meets our requirement on subscriber data management," said Mr. Pradeep, CTO of Dialog. "This innovative solution has further enabled us to simplify network complexity, reduce operation cost, and provide reliable services to our customers."

"As part of our All-IP convergence strategy, our innovative ngHLR solution will enable operators like Dialog to realize centralized management, simplify network operation and structurally reduce OPEX," said Mr. Cuiwei, president of USC (Unified Subscriber Centre) business line, Huawei. "We are dedicated to assisting operators to enhance subscriber data management and we believe that the cooperation between Dialog and Huawei in ngHLR deployment will meet Dialog' s network development strategy and enhance the competitiveness of its network."

Huawei ngHLR, based on the ATCA ("Advanced Telecommunications Computing Architecture") platform, provides a maximum capacity of 200 million subscribers, significantly improves maintenance efficiency, lowers operating costs, and offers over 99.9999% reliability by sites load sharing mode. This solution also supports the evolution to USC ("Unified Subscriber Center"), in securing operator' s current capital investment. By the end of 2009, Huawei' s ngHLR solution has been deployed by more than 50 operators in 40 countries around the world. To date, Huawei ngHLR has achieved an accumulative shipment of more than 800 million licenses.

About Dialog Telekom PLC

Dialog Telekom PLC, an ISO 9001 certified company, is a subsidiary of Axiata Group Berhad, formerly TM International Berhad.

The company operates 2.5G and 3/3.5G Mobile Communications networks supporting the very latest in multimedia and mobile Internet services. Dialog Telekom PLC has the distinction of being the first 3G operator in South Asia to commence commercial operations. Its local coverage spans all provinces of Sri Lanka, while international roaming is provided in over 200 destinations. Dialog Telekom PLC, the largest and fastest growing cellular service in Sri Lanka, serves a subscriber base in excess of 6 million Sri Lankans.

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