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About Business Consulting
With its lasting “customer-first” philosophy, Huawei offers consulting services that help operators sustain their business growth. Since 2006, Huawei consultants have provided professional services for over 120 operators in 72 countries, helping solve critical issues and promote client’s core competence.
About Business Consulting

Huawei helps you increase business value

With its lasting “customer-first” philosophy, Huawei not only offers the top products and solutions in the wireless network industry, but also consulting, helping operators sustain their business growth for the next decade.

Nowadays, operators are encountering greater challenges and opportunities in the digital and cloud realms. Among them is end-user experience refinement, user value enhancement, and the winning of new subscribers; all will prove critical to any operator’s future.

Market leadership requires the construction of a User-Centric Transformation (UCT) model, comprised of business, network, and operation transformation.

Through both its insight and innovation, Huawei’s consulting team cooperates with operators at every step of the transformation process, culminating in an enhanced User Experience Index (UEI).

Since 2006, Huawei consultants have provided professional services for over 120 operators in 72 countries, helping solve critical issues and promoting their client’s core competence. Among the world’s Top 50 operators, Huawei has established partnerships with 70% of them, and implemented quick-win plans to improve their market growth and key business indices.

Top competitive features of Huawei Business Consulting

Huawei consulting team is skillful at producing “Business Engines,” thanks to our global best practices, knowledge, and service innovation plans. Huawei has served hundreds of operators in 160 countries and provided telecommunication infrastructure that now serve over 3 billion users.

Over 500 Huawei experts and consultants are ready to serve customers through our Customer Business Partner Program. We have three “competence centers” located in the U.K., Singapore and HK to provide support for mobile broadband, fixed broadband, digital home, cloud and ICT service launch. Cooperating with over 20 Information Service Partners, Huawei has built up a powerful database. We also have 26 Joint Innovation Centers and one Consumer & Enterprise Lab at our disposal to assist with new service incubation, testing, and commercial launch.

Huawei Consulting Services

Covering business strategy, network and operation consulting, Huawei is committed to solving key issues for operators, including monetization of mobile traffic (2G/3G evolution, mobile Internet operation, mobile traffic management, LTE commercial planning); ROI improvement for FTTX (ultra broadband, national broadband, digital home, IP video); promotion of ICT and cloud computing; cloud-based BSS/OSS transformation; enterprise ICT business model refinement; and IP transformation (operator ICT infrastructure, IPv6, IP convergence, IP security, FMC).

Consulting area
The Huawei Business Model solution offers a suite of Business Model Innovation tools to cultivate an innovative mindset, including facilitated idea generation workshops, structured decision tree development, filtering and prioritizing of ideas, and interactive theme structuring and planning.
With the telecommunications industry in a state of flux, an operator looking to satisfy customers and improve its own User Experience Index (UEI) will need data traffic monetization, user experience enhancement, and ICT transformation.
The Fixed Practice team for Huawei’s Business Consulting Department offers a unique value proposition to customers. As opposed to traditional strategic consulting firms, we offer industry focus, global presence, and local wisdom, making for a one-stop, future-proof solution.
Through its expertise and technological acumen in fixed, wireless, and IP networking, Huawei is ranked amongst the top three telecommunications providers worldwide. IP and cloud convergence remain core to development of the future-proof strategies and solutions that today’s customers demand.
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