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Mobile Network Evolution Service
Huawei Mobile Network Evolution Solution offers operators a secured and high efficient way to achieve the smooth network evolution and protect their investment with customized evolution solutions and professional tools.
Mobile Network Evolution Solution

As for operators, with the development of mobile services, applications of new technologies, and continuous network evolutions, network reconstruction has become extremely complex and highly risky. The cost of repeated investment cannot be controlled.

Huawei Mobile Network Evolution Solution offers operators a secured and high efficient way to achieve the smooth network evolution and protect their investment with customized evolution solutions and professional tools.


With the intense competition in the telecommunication industry and the emerging of new technologies and services, operators are required to provide subscribers with stable and competitive services as always as they try to maintain their leading positions in the industry. With the rapid development of mobile services, evolution from 2G/3G networks to LTE networks, ALL IP, and network convergence, operators need to make necessary adjustment on their networks. The operators are most concerned about the following problems in this process: How to protect the investment on the existing network and build a network that can be run in long term and be ready for future evolution? How to provide mobile services and gain competitive edges with low cost? How to improve the availability of services and ensure good subscriber perception and satisfaction?

Our Solution

Huawei offers the SingleRAN evolution and GSM/UMTS/LTE convergent evolution solutions to meet the operators' requirements on network evolution towards UMTS/LTE networks. With platform evolution and version upgrade, Huawei helps operators build the UMTS/LTE networks quickly, reduce network construction cost to the maximum extent, and build convergent, green, broadband-based, intelligent, future-oriented networks for operators.

Huawei offers E2E VoIP and VoLTE services to meet operators' requirements on ALL IP. With the clear network architecture planning, route circuity of signaling and traffic can be eliminated. With the precise calculation on bandwidth volume and interface, the proper resource utilization can be guaranteed. Huawei's solution sufficiently considers the business stability in the network planning, network design, reconstruction implementation, initial tuning, and guarantees the service quality and subscriber perception.

Huawei offers the MSC POOL evolution solution which does not need corporation of BSC change to meet the customer's expectation on improving the network service availability, and therefore accelerate the deployment speed, reduce deployment risks, and save network investment cost. By sharing resources in the resource pool and adopting the load balancing mechanism, Huawei increases the resource utilization rate and achieves network disaster redundancy.

Huawei is always ready to customize network evolution solutions for operators according to customer's visions and specific requirements. With the whole set of network planning and design approaches and professional network reconstruction tools, Huawei is able to implement smooth and secured network reconstruction, bring customers with new business experience, make network operation more cost-efficient and reliable, increase the input-output ratio, and create more values for customers.

Applications & Benefits

Huawei has provided the Mobile Network Evolution Service to many operators. For example:

In June 2007, Huawei helped Vodafone Romania build 2G/3G Core Network. The project reduced the TCO of Vodafone Romania by 30%.

In August 2008, Huawei assisted China Mobile in the whole-network VoIP reconstruction. In this project, Huawei deployed a flat CMN network and adopted IP/TDM bearing solution to achieve the smooth network evolution.

In April 2009, Huawei helped China Mobile carry out the MSC POOL reconstruction. The project adopted the MGW-NNSF solution to achieve "0" BSC change, which saves the investment cost.

In October 2009, Huawei built the RAN Sharing network for Bell Canada and Telus. The project increase the network coverage of the operators from 65% to 98%, cut off 50% of the sites, and reduced 40% of the investment cost.

In the network evolution process, Huawei provides operators with customized solutions and implement solutions strictly according to the operators' business and technical requirements. With Huawei's abundant telecommunications knowledge and network evolution experience, high-efficient cost control, and low-risk network evolution service, operators are able to evolve their networks smoothly, build advanced networks in high quality, reduce cost, and gain competitive edges.

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