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Huawei CloudCampus Solution is Awarded Interop ‘Best of Show Award 2017’ in Japan

[Japan, Tokyo, June 12, 2017] Huawei recently announced that its CloudCampus Solution was awarded the ‘Best of Show Award 2017’ at Interop, the biggest annual ICT exhibition in Japan, for its series of innovative and differentiated highlights, such as its all-new management concepts, unique dual-stack mode, and flexible business models. This award reaffirmed Huawei's customer-centric innovative concepts and advanced technologies and marked the full approval and recognition of Huawei's products and solutions in the market.

Huawei CloudCampus Solution wins the Best of Show Award 2017

The Huawei CloudCampus Solution possesses an immense integration capability, integrating traditional network planning, deployment, optimization, and O&M on the cloud, simplifying the management and O&M of enterprise networks and reducing costs. In particular, network deployment by scanning barcodes greatly reduces the difficulty of, and time for, enterprise network deployment.

Wang Shihong, General Manager of Huawei Switches Domain, said: “We are so proud to win the Interop Best of Show Award 2017. Based on innovative cloud-managed mode, Huawei CloudCampus Solution helps enterprises accelerate network deployment and dramatically reduce O&M cost. By adhering to customer-centric innovation, we will develop more cloud solutions and features that can cater to the needs of customer services to better serve the market.”

Due to the inefficiency of traditional network deployment, complexity of network management, and high cost of O&M, enterprises' requirements for digital transformation cannot be met. The Huawei CloudCampus Solution helps enterprises leverage the all-new cloud service network management method to implement network planning, deployment, and O&M management on wireless networks in their workplace. The solution allows access devices such as APs to be plug-and-played, quickly deployed, and greatly lowers labor costs, reducing campus network deployment time from a month to a day, and lowering OPEX by over 80%. For managed service providers (MSPs), the Huawei CloudCampus Solution provides an MSP-operated cloud management platform which is able to manage a million devices.

This enables MSPs to operate cloud-managed services on their own and exclusively obtain service profits. Aside from this, CloudCampus innovatively achieves agile switching between local management and cloud management of network devices, allowing the network to smoothly evolve. With the rapid development of new ICT technologies such as cloud computing, Big Data, and the mobile Internet, the solution helps all industries complete their digital transformation.

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