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Huawei Remote Control Series Wins iF Design Award

FEB 13, 2017

[Hanover, Germany, Feb 13, 2017] Recently, the globally renowned iF Design Award, known as the "Design Oscars", unveiled its winners. With the design concept "unibody casing, touch surface, and simple design", Huawei’s remote control series impressed 58 professional judges from around the world, to claim the iF design award. Huawei’s remote faced competition from over 5500 product candidates from 59 countries.

The iF Design Award, founded in 1954, is awarded annually by the iF Industry Forum Design, the oldest industry design institute in Germany. It is one of the three most prestigious international industry design awards, the other two being Red Dot Design Award and IDEA. The award-winning Huawei remote control series includes the high-end C series, and the medium- and low-end R series, which are used as an accessory for IPTV and OTT STBs and Hybrid STBs provided for operators.

Highlights of Huawei’s remote control series include:

  1. The high-end remote control HUAWEI C1, supported by a powerful voice processing platform, that allows you to press one button, say a name, and get the search done.
  2. With a user-friendly touch surface, controlling the TV is only a swipe away. It's easy and free of limits.
  3. The unibody, column-shaped aluminum casing is comfortable to hold, making it a natural part in experiencing immersive 3D motion-sensing games.
  4. A considerable Bluetooth headset jack is designed so that you can immerse yourself in a concert-like way without disturbing your family.
  5. The crafted vertical body can stand safely on a coffee table. The remote control also hums upon STB startup, making it easily to locate.