Ultra-Broadband Forum (UBBF) 2017, will be held from October 18 to October 19, 2017 in Hangzhou, China. As a leading global ultra-broadband event, UBBF is a platform for the ultra-broadband industry to share viewpoints on ultra-broadband development, facilitate the business success of all partners in the industry chain, and collectively create a sustainable ecosystem. In the past three years, UBBF has been successfully held in the UK, Spain, and Germany, with active participation and recognition from the executives of major operators from around the world along with industry partners.

Smart society is driving both the digitalization and restructuring of the entire industry, bringing both opportunities and challenges. Many questions must be answered, for example:

  • How can operators use ultra-broadband to tap the B2B market,build differentiated competitive advantages and achieve business growth?
  • How can the best video and VR experience be provided?
  • How can operators work with vertical industries to realize digital transformation together?

Eric Xu
Deputy Chairman of the Board,
Rotating CEO, Huawei

  • How can operators provide Real-time, On-demand, All-online, DIY, and Social (ROADS) experience in order to deal with future uncertainties through agile innovation?

More than 800 participants will attend UBBF 2017 and discuss together, shedding light on these and many more questions. The participants are elite operators, leading players in vertical industries, regulators, standard organizations, industrial organizations, along with members of the media and analysts from around the world. They will share with you their outlook and viewpoints on the development of the ultra-broadband industry, along with their business practices and success stories.

Huawei’s All-Cloud Network strategy was revealed during MWC 2017 in February. At UBBF this year we will share concrete commercial applications to illustrate both our progress in and our business values of the All-Cloud Network solutions based on that strategy. In addition to the event you can enjoy a tour of Hangzhou, a Gigaband City which utilizes some of our latest technology. You can see the wonder of ultra-broadband, visit the showcase sites, and experience the abundant ultra-broadband applications for yourself.

We are looking forward to your presence at the fourth UBBF. Let us join forces to prepare for the opportunities and challenges in this era of digital transformation and build a better connected world.

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