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A Connected Life Powered by MBB
A Connected Life Powered by MBB

Alex Sinclair, CTO of GSMA, envisages a connected life being about using the power of mobile to mobilize other industries and sectors. By 2020, GSMA predicts that operators will have an addressable market of USD600 million for connectivity services. Operators need to get beyond applications for iPhones, and look to industry models such as for the healthcare industry.


Welcome to the application ecosystem

Telcos need a better understanding of software economics if they are to prosper in an app-driven world.

Huawei BOOST: Unleashing the power of ultra-broadband

100M to the home will soon become the norm, and Huawei has a strategy for telcos looking to profit from all this bandwidth: Huawei BOOST.

OneDevice simplifies the multiscreen equation

Are you getting tired of all your little screens that often don't play nice with one another? The answer may be just around the corner: OneDevice.

Is SoftSIM in the cards?

Removal of the SIM card from the handset equation would represent only a small change in terms of engineering but a huge change in terms of industry dynamics. Telcos must prepare.


The history of human social development is, to some extent, the history of human scientific and technological progress. This has been true in times both ancient and modern. Huawei unveils its viewpoints on 2013 industry trends for your reference.



Industry Talk

Operators have realized that the speed capacity of copper wires has hit a bandwidth ceiling and that fiber is the only solution. At FTTH Conference 2014 in Stockholm, we hear from Director General of the FTTH Council Europe and several operators about the latest developments of FTTH market in their countries.
Dr. Patrice Cristofini, Member of the Board of Directors at the European Health Telematics Association, provides a glimpse of the general state of e-health development, particularly in Europe, and challenges to different stakeholders.
David R. West, Senior Vice President of CommVault, discusses the value and challenge of data management in the era of cloud computing and big data.
When the USD2 trillion communication industry grows into a global digital economy worth up to USD70 trillion, how can telcos prosper in this huge, complex, and fast moving ecosystem? Martin Creaner, President of the TM Forum, gives some hints.
Julio Puschel, Principal Analyst, Head of Operator Strategy from Informa, talks about CEM challenges, strategy, business cases and benefits for operators.