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Mobile Changes Money

Michael Joseph was CEO of Safaricom during M-PESA's birth and later reshaping of Kenya's economy. He has insights to share as to the success & failure of mobile money.

Customer Talk

PCCW-HKT is committed to the comfort, convenience, and efficiency of its customers’ lives, using home networks as a platform for smart living services. Paul Berriman, PCCW-HKT’s Group CTO, has the details.
Hear from David Havercroft, COO of Telecom New Zealand to learn how the operator is delivering a high-performance LTE experience at 700MHz throughout the countryside to help boost agribusiness efficiency.
Digitization of retail must serve the goals of engaging customers and maintaining brand loyalty. Philip Silveira, Sears’ Director, believes that enhancing the customer experience should be enabled by ICT technologies.
Stadiums may be thousands of tons of concrete and steel, but they now need to be agile. Being there at the stadium may not be as alluring as it once was. Sports franchises and stadium operators discuss how to get fans back.
How can we tackle the issue of the Digital Divide from its social core? Niall Dunne from BT Group talks through the steps needed to bring online the 4.4 billion unconnected users today.



Customer Views

Vivo: Mobile changes football

Vivo CTO Andrea Folgueiras discusses how the Brazilian carrier laid the ground for a Better Connected Football experience during the FIFA World Cup 2014.

Zain Jordan: Healthy growth in a harsh climate

Zain Jordan has more than quadrupled its mobile Internet market share in a span of two years. Its CEO, Ahmad Hanandeh, gives a few hints as to what the operator will do for an encore.

T-Mobile Czech: Efficiency through congruity

T-Mobile Czech is partnering with Huawei for managed services. CTIO Frank Meywerk, lets us know the progress so far.

Globe: Innovation through transformation

Globe CEO and President Ernest Cu discusses how the mobile game in The Philippines is about a lot more than just SMS.

TelBru brings innovation to the customer

CEO David Kay discusses TelBru's nationwide FTTH rollout and what it means in Brunei's overall plans for economic development.



Special Edition(11/2014)