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Joint Innovation Centers

In October 2006, Huawei launched its first Mobile Innovation Center (MIC) with Vodafone (Spain); more than a dozen leading operators followed. As of the end of 2011, joint innovation centers (JICs) have spanned China, Europe, North America, Latin America, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East. With more than 100 innovation topics, Huawei’s JIC network has emerged as a key platform for enhancing both sides of any strategic partnership.

These centers fully leverage both parties’ strengths. Through continuous research into business modeling and ICT, Huawei’s JICs have improved the user experience and made a clear difference to the bottom line, on both sides.

The ICT industry is expanding into both the cloud and terminal spaces. As a leader in mobile, fixed, and IP networking, Huawei has been enhancing its innovation efforts in these areas, with the JICs boosting their R&D efforts into wireless access to all major domains of the communications network, business support system, energy, and more. Through their expertise, the JICs have achieved tangible results in terms of shortened time-to-market (TTM), which greatly enhances the value proposition for the operator.

Huawei’s JIC efforts have also borne fruit in areas such as SingleRAN, convergent charging platform, and IP microwave network; all are now employed on a global scale. Huawei will continue to promote JIC development with operators, helping them implement their global strategies in a matter that not only reduces costs but enhances the bottom line.