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Customer Voices

CERN looks to the stars with cloud

Planetary nebulae are dying stars that gain their beauty from shedding gaseous layers. Discovered in 1824 and resembling the human eye, the Helix Nebula is an iconic image in the world of astronomy. Nearly 200 years later, CERN has created the Helix Nebula initiative in partnership with leading IT providers and Europe’s biggest research institutes with the aim of establishing a science cloud to support large-scale research projects.

How Will CERN Handle Exabytes of High-Energy Physics Data?

CERN, established in 1954, is the world's largest particle physics laboratory. At the recently held Huawei Connect 2017, Jan Van Eldik, Resource Provisioning team leader in CERN’s IT Department, presented some of the ways CERN is investigating how to handle the rapidly growing data volumes produced by its experiments.

How is Argentinean Logistics Pioneer Andreani Building a Cloud-based Logistics System?

Logistics enterprises in the development of information technology today, facing the business development and IT resources mismatch dilemma. Andreani, an IT director at the Argentine Logistics enterprise, delivered a speech at the 2017 Huawei Connect, demonstrating how the Telefonica Open Cloud helped Andreani realize the cloud of business systems and build Argentina's first intelligent logistics system.


ABB leads the industrial digitalization charge

ABB, partnering with Huawei in smart manufacturing as well as industrial robotics, is looking at how to combine the latest wireless connection technologies and smart sensors to find new solutions to solve manufacturing challenges.

Customer Voices

DHL: Adding digital logic to logistics

With more than 350,000 employees operating in 220 countries and territories, DHL leads the world in logistics. Dr. Markus Voss, CIO and COO of DHL Supply Chain, explains how digital transformation can forge processes that will help the freight giant continue to deliver on its slogan: “Excellence. Simply delivered.”

Customer Voices

Deutsche Telekom: Best-in-class experience

DT's ambition is to become the leading European telco. It's strategy? Content, One Cloud, and its Integrated Network Strategy.


Philips and Huawei: Just what the doctor ordered

Rapid disruption is happening in the healthcare space, with cloud, AI, and biosensors poised to form your personal health team. Find out what Philips and Huawei are doing to get you there.


Going Dutch on transformation with KPN

Back in 2014, the Dutch telco KPN was finding it hard to expand its market share for a slew of reasons, including inefficient and costly legacy architecture, product silos, and an incomplete picture of customer requirements. The operator knew it needed to transform to respond to the market with the kind of agility that the cloud era demands.