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Customer Voices

Agile IoT, Imagining the Future

According to Huawei Global Connectivity Index, by 2025, a total of 100 billion connections will be generated globally and two million new sensors will be deployed every hour. It will be widely applied in various vertical industries. Establishing an industry application-oriented IoT ecosystem involving the upstream and downstream partners to develop industry solutions is imperative.

Customer Talk

Brian Krzanich: Gathering Intel on a new reality

Insights from Intel about how its hardware legacy is driving cloud, merged reality, and AI.

Paving the Way for a Digital World

Anette Bronder on Deutsche Telekom’s cloud ambition - to become one the five top players in the world.

HSBC CIO: Connecting customers to opportunities

HSBC CIO gave us the heads up on how a traditional multinational can put some spring in its digital step.

2degrees of closeness

Living by the slogan “It's 2degrees of closeness, not 6 degrees of separation,” company CEO Stewart Sherriff believes that bringing simplicity to product and service plans is the secret to sustainable growth.

KPN: Behind business transformation of the year

Bouke Hoving, CIO of KPN, let us in on what the Dutch company has been doing to bring home the 2016 Business Transformation of the Year Award.

Joint Innovation: Providing Best Video Experience

Telkom Indonesia reveals how the Joint Innovation Center with Huawei improves user experience, and talks about big data and video.

TDC: Giga Speed Zips into Play

TDC Group has begun revving up its networks to launch DOCSIS 3.1 in 2016 and hit 1 Gbps speeds. TDC Group CTO told us why things are looking rosy for the Giga era.

LG Uplus

Dr. Suntae Kim, CTO of LG Uplus, gives an insight into the South Korean operator's HD services and next-generation technology plans leveraging its nation-wide LTE networks.

Customer Views

ICT 2020: STC’s new focus

As the nation’s largest carrier, STC is evolving from a traditional telco into a full-fledged digital enabler. STC Group CEO Dr. Khaled Hussain Biyari told us what the carrier’s ICT 2020 transformation strategy is all about.

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MTN Cyprus: Success through sharing

RAN-sharing has enabled MTN Cyprus to establish an LTE network in a market where it would not have been possible otherwise. Learn more.

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Hubei Mobile's cloud video strategy: Real-time video in the 4G era

Learn how Hubei Mobile has leveraged cloud video to improve network consumption and storage utilization, and service growth.

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SAP: Enabler of Industry 4.0

Global IoT is set to reach USD3 trillion in value by 2020. SVP Li Ruicheng of SAP has the details of how technology and industry will change.

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Sichuan Telecom: Broadband leadership via 4K

Sichuan Telecom has become a global case study in terms of 4K video. Learn more about how the operator is leading the way in UBB in China and the world.

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Telenor: Global ambitions, local impact

Telenor is looking to simplify its product lineup and transform its IT stack for the 21st Century. Kjell Morten Johnsen, its Head of Euro Operations, has details.

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Treebear: China's leader in commercial Wi-Fi

Treebear is a Chinese leader in commercial Wi-Fi. Founder Hua Luke talks to WinWin about his company's formula for success.

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Harnessing the Digital Oil and Gas Field

The role of technology in oil and gas production has appeared very essential, and solution providers are enabling the industry to be leaner and more agile.

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