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Business Experience

Virtual Reality (Augmented Reality) White Paper

In this white paper, the following aspects are systematically described: VR concepts, levels of VR experience, technology architecture, segment systems, and technology development roadmaps. In addition, a detailed segment map of China's VR industry was produced based on China's local VR enterprises and their roles in the key points of the VR industry chain. Development suggestions are given based on this map.

Brief Introduction to VR Session 3 — VR Bandwidth Requirements of Good User Experience

According to the features and compression mechanism of VR 360 videos, this issue describes the bandwidth requirements for good VR user experience.

New VR Technologies at MWC 2017 — 8K VR 360 Videos Are Ready to Go

4K VR 360 live video brings users an eye-opening experience in 2016. 8K VR 360 live video is on the way.

Research Report of Desktop Cloud Experience

In the cloud era, the main values of desktop cloud for users include centralized data management and control, high security, mobile working, and on-demand dynamic resource configuration. As a way to access the cloud world, desktop cloud will change people's way of working.

Brief Introduction to VR Session 2 — Good VR Experience Elements

In this issue, we introduce the factors affecting VR experience from the perspective of five senses of people.

Brief Introduction to VR Session 1 — VR Transcends the Traditional Experience

Huawei iLab has sorted out the hotspots of VR and summarized the content into three issues. We will share the first issue this time.

Analysis of Live VR Services in Faye's Moments Live 2016

From the perspective of user experience and network impact, Huawei iLab has analyzed the details of the VR live broadcast.

Social VR's Development, Experience, and Network Requirements

Huawei iLab has been doing in-depth researches and systematic analyses for a long time. It proposes the important concept that Social VR can change future communication.