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Big Data Analytics

Video Big Data: Concurrent Multi-screen Streaming in Homes Bring Opportunities and Challenges

As terminals such as Internet TVs, computers, and mobile phones are more widely used, multi-screen household video consumption has become a new norm.

Video Big Data: The Largest Home Traffic Consumer

Internet TV consumes the largest amount of household bandwidths.

Global Video Big Data Platform Meets Various Requirements

Huawei iLab has completed the "gene sequencing" analysis of over 200,000 videos from 6 mainstream video platforms in and outside China. It has preliminarily established video bandwidth gene Big Data and has already established global video gene Big Data.

Video Big Data: The Top 10 Most Demanding Videos on the Net

Huawei iLab has built a video gene big data platform and released "Video Big Data", a series of big data reports in 2017. The first issue of the series helps you understand the top 10 most demanding videos on the Internet that have the highest network requirements and their relevant information.