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Ms. Chen Lifang

Director, President of the Public Affairs and Communications Dept

Born in 1971, Ms. Chen graduated from Northwest University in China. Ms. Chen joined Huawei in 1995 and has served as Chief Representative of the Beijing Representative Office, Vice President of the International Marketing Dept, Deputy Director of the Domestic Marketing Management Office, President of the Public Affairs and Communications Dept, and Corporate Senior Vice President.

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Huawei will begin to build an Open Lab in Thailand in the second half of the year. This program aims to provide local SMEs with a testing and verification, and resource sharing platform. She said that through this program, Huawei hoped to better incubate SMEs and help Thailand grow into a regional ICT and digital economy hub.

Madam Chen Lifang,a senior vice president at Huawei and a member of the company board, delivered a keynote speech on June 9th, 2015 at the German Economic Day forum in Berlin.

Huawei operate in Europe

The 3rd Annual State of the EU conference was held on June 6th in Brussels, themed as Revitalizing the European Dream. On the conference, a two-minute video about Huawei was played. In the video, Madam Chen Lifang presented the reason why Huawei chooses to invest in Europe and Huawei’s contribution and commitment to Europe, which demonstrates Huawei’s globalization, openness and transparency.

China and Europe: A Mutually Beneficial ICT Partnership

2014 represents a significant opportunity for Europe and China to work more closely together to help define and take a leading role in the future of the global ICT industry, and there is much that the information and communications technology (ICT) industry across the EU and in China can take from China-EU 2020 Strategic Agenda for Cooperation. In ICT industry, the greatest opportunities and priorities for collaboration for Europe and China in the coming years are in advancing global standards, supporting 4G and 5G development, and safeguarding cyberspace.

Huawei Trains Its Gaze Inward

Huawei won’t consider any major acquisitions at least for the next five years, as the world’s second-largest supplier of telecommunications-network equipment focuses on ways to improve management efficiency and sustain growth.

Australia, 4 July 2013: Huawei MediaPad tablet computers are contributing to saving the lives of children in remote areas throughout the Asia-Pacific region, thanks to a collaboration between the Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network (SCHN), Huawei, NASDAQ OMX and XCentral. At an event in NSW Parliament House today, the SCHN announced the results of a trial which saw MediaPads given to doctors and paediatric nurses across the region.

[Brussels, Belgium, March 5, 2013]: Huawei respects and protects intellectual property rights (IPR) and is committed to an open IPR licensing system," said Chen Lifang, Huawei Board Member and Senior Vice President, today in her speech at the EU Science: Global Challenges, Global Collaboration (ES:GC2) conference in Brussels.

[Shenzhen, China, October 5, 2012] After the London Conference on Cyberspace in November 2011, the second session of this conference was held in Hungary from October 4 to 5, 2012. The Prime Minister and the Foreign Minister of Hungary, the British Foreign Minister, the South Korean Foreign Minister, ministerial officials from another 12 countries, including Germany, France, Sweden, New Zealand, and the Netherlands, and 12 CXOs of multinationals attended the conference.

On September 7, 2012, Ms. Chen Lifang, Huawei's Senior Vice President, delivered a keynote speech "Cyber Security: Challenges That Huawei Faces as an ICT Multinational" at the Handelsblatt Cyber Security Conference. This conference is a very important strategic forum in Germany's political, business, and military circles.

[Shenzhen, China, June 20, 2012] On June 20, Ms. Chen Lifang, Huawei's Senior Vice President, attended the unveiling ceremony of the training and research laboratory at the St. Petersburg State University of Telecommunications in Russia.

On May 15, 2012, Huawei hosted a press conference to announce Ten Years of Connecting Europe—Huawei UK Undergraduate Work Experience Program. This move demonstrates Huawei's commitment to contributing to local charitable and education activities and investing in the UK.

Ms. Chen Lifang Spoke at the IAC meeting in Turkey

Huawei has been operating in Turkey for a decade and we have witnessed first-hand the increasing coverage of voice communications and continuous improvements in telecom technologies. Whether we look at the increase of broadband users from half a million in 2004 to 12.5 million last year, or at the ICT sector which is increasing at an annual compound growth rate of 14%, the developments in Turkey over the last decade have been remarkable.