On behalf of Huawei, it is my honor to invite you to HUAWEI CONNECT 2017, which will be held at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre, September 5 to 7, 2017. HUAWEI CONNECT is an industry expo and forum that brings together the leaders of global ICT with the industries they serve and enable.

We live in times of lightning-quick change: Cloud and digitization are transforming the business world and personal lifestyles. Companies have to adapt fast to seize the opportunities and meet new challenges. This year's HUAWEI CONNECT invites you to "Grow with the Cloud". Along with industry leaders, partners, and business gurus, we will be discussing how digitization can create new growth. Over 1,000 sessions, summits, and forums, new solutions from more than 100 exhibitors, ubiquitous opportunities to make business connections... HUAWEI CONNECT is a rich brew of ideas, business, and technology.

You will have the opportunity to:
  • Talk face-to-face with over 10,000 leading experts from your industry and others
  • Learn new industry insights and roads to new growth
  • Engage with potential customers and peers on new deals and partnerships
  • Find business inspiration as you experience the latest technology trends and solutions

Guo Ping

Rotating and Acting CEO, Huawei


Guo Ping

Rotating CEO,

David Wang

President, Products & Solutions,

Yan Lida

President, Enterprise BG,

Zheng Yelai

President, Cloud BU, Huawei
President, IT Product Line, Huawei

Zhang Shunmao

President, Products and Solutions-Marketing and Solutions Department, Huawei

Joy Huang

Vice President, IT Product Line,

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3 keynote sessions: Industry leaders reveal their best practices for digital transformation and how to Grow with the Cloud

Day1 September 5, 2017

The digital tide cannot be turned back. IDC predicts that global enterprise spending on digitization in 2017 will be US$1.2 trillion, 17.8% higher than the previous year. So how can governments and companies take advantage of this shift? How can they ride it to new levels of success?

Watch this space to learn how business leaders see the opportunities – and pitfalls – of digital transformation.

Day2 September 6, 2017

Digitization is not an instant switchover. It is a long journey of evolution, driven by innovations in both technology and applications. PWC has found that even in 2017, only 52% of companies believe that they have the digital IQ to drive innovation and technology. How can we respond to challenges and learn the right lessons?

Watch this space as industry explorers share their experience, their technologies, and their plans for digital transformation.

Day3 September 7, 2017

Digital is not a project. It is an unprecedented, epochal change. The complexity of digital means that companies must come together in an ecosystem to build a shared future. But when the technology is constantly advancing, how can companies use new technologies, link up with partners and developers, and forge business success and personal growth?

Watch this space for a rich broth of idea from some of the leaders of the ICT ecosystem.

6 industry summits: How will industries grow in an intelligent world?

The arrival of a digital society is placing new demands on telecom carriers. Of course, it also brings exciting new opportunities.

Telecom carriers must serve industries caught up in the earthquake of digital transformation process. Carriers can make the cloud a single portal for B2B services, and deliver flexible packages of services like cloud computing, storage, networking, communications, IoT, video...

At this summit, telecommunications industry leaders will join Huawei customers and partners to pool their experiences of winning new growth by enabling digital transformation in industry.

Over the next ten years, public cloud will become the first choice for evolving enterprise IT. Cloud will be the best way for SMEs to boost revenue, cut costs, and focus on the fundamentals of their business. Public cloud will be the best choice for large enterprises keen to create new lines of business, while controlling risk.

This summit will focus on how enterprises will leverage their own potential. Huawei Cloud is a bridge between a company's today and the possibilities of tomorrow. It will carry business towards an intelligent future.

Good public safety is the cornerstone of city life. It is the prerequisite for a flourishing city. The public safety industry is on a journey of digital transformation as it seeks to use ICT to keep us safer than ever.

Huawei is ready to meet the challenges of digital public safety. This Safe City summit has the theme "Evolving to Collaborative Public Safety". Huawei will release major new cloud solutions, and will invite the industry's top experts to share Safe City best practices. This is Huawei's contribution to the "platform + ecosystem" model which will ultimately bring the maximum value for public safety customers. A flourishing ecosystem will make cities safer through digital transformation.

More and more enterprise leaders are seeing that digital transformation offers the best way to thrive in today's marketplace. Digital transformation requires better connectivity, and that means converged networks accessible to any device, and offering differentiated services across a broad range of scenarios. With end-to-end quality control, automated network management, and advanced data security, converged campus networks enable effective enterprise transformation.

This summit will enable an open and cooperative conversation about making the best use of IT networks. Fortune Global 500 companies, top industry analysts, and Huawei insiders will share insights into industry trends and best practices. Take advantage of their ideas to seize opportunities for success in this critical period of digital transformation.

The IoT industry is moving into a critical moment of large-scale IoT deployment. Huawei will join hands with telecom carriers, and partners in other vertical sectors, to seize this golden opportunity. This is a time for the IoT to grow, create value, and spread value.

Facing challenges from new industries, new models, and new concepts, traditional industries are at a turning point.

Emerging IT technologies, such as Cloud and Big Data, will be the cornerstone and accelerator of industries in the new era.

The Private Cloud Summit will gather together Huawei, its customers, and industry leaders, to share their sparks of innovation. Huawei's FusionCloud solution is accelerating industry digital transformation and helping customers to business success.

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