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Andy Purdy‘s talk: the Cyber Security


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I’m not going to argue to anybody that there’s no threat out there. The threat and the risk to the networks and this world is very substantial. We have difficult challenges we’re trying to address, but we’re using logic, we’re using teamwork, we’re using collaboration, openness, and transparency so that we can succeed by helping address the cyber-security concerns, the legitimate concerns of government and the private sector, both in the United States and globally. People have to recognize though, that security is a journey, it’s not a destination. We have to be continually be proactive and systematic as we improve, so we can have a greater level of confidence that as the threats change, as the threats increase, we can address them in real time.

The industry of information and communication technologies has become one where there is a global supply chain, where products don’t originate in one country and then get sold in another. Products are made up of components from all over the world. We hope that eventually it gets to the point where there are government sanctioned programs that everyone who is part of the supply chain has to follow, but until we get there, Huawei is taking a leadership position to make sure that we accomplish the same thing within our own supply chain. By developing a robust supply chain risk management program that I think is going to be a leading standard that’s going to affect what everyone is required to do.

I am optimistic that consistent with a risk management framework, we can appropriately raise the level of trust and confidence that customers and users need. We are working with organizations that are committed to developing best practices and standards that will apply to all that can be effective in helping to manage and mitigate that risk. To share information, to collaborate, to be an active part of the community to address these major issues, and that commitment to be a leader, to be open, to be transparent and understanding the nature of the problem and how we can work together, how we must work together to address those concerns, it just couldn’t be more exciting.

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