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FusionSolar Smart PV Solution

Huawei's smart PV solution takes power plants as products that can be delivered to customers. Huawei optimizes and innovates during the entire process, from power plant construction to O&M, and integrates the digital information technology, Internet technology, and PV technology, to optimize initial investments, reduce O&M costs, raise the energy yield, and increase ROI.

Huawei puts forward the smart PV solution in line with innovated concepts such as simple, full-digital, and automatic global O&M, to finally help plant owners and customers maximize their ROIs.

Customer Value

Higher Yields

Improved system efficiency with multiple MPPTs and multi-core power generation and the "five points and four segments" PR analysis system.

Smart O&M

Increased data precision and transmission reliability with PLC and smart PV wireless transmission system;
FusionSolar smart PV management system increases revenue, supports decision-making, ensures safety, and promotes financing.

Safe and Reliable

IP65 protection, natural cooling, dustproof, waterproof, and anti-salt mist;
No vulnerable components (fuses or fans), 25-year maintenance-free (components to system)



  • No facilities such as the inverter housing, DC combiners or vulnerable components such as fuses or fans, enabling simplified and standardized delivery of solar plants.
  • All components are applicable to various environments (wind, sand, salt mist, high temperature, high humidity, high altitude, etc.), enables power plants to meet the quality requirements for 25-year "0-Touch" O&M and reliable operation, simplifies construction and O&M, and maximizes customers' ROI.


  • Smart modernization enables an inverter to be not only a power generation component, but also a smart PV controller that incorporates power conversion, remote control, data collection, online analysis, environment adaptation.
  • Upgrading Low-speed transmission channels RS485, enabling establishment of high-speed interconnected networks that converge voice and video communication, support quick and flexible deployment, and are maintenance-free in a power plant.
  • The big data analysis and mining engine is used to process the complete power plant information collected by cloud storage devices for smart power plant management and continuous optimization of power plant performances.

Automatic global O&M

  • The headquarters can learn the operating status and the revenue of each power plant, which lays the foundation for management improvement and evaluation of performance.
  • For power plants at various locations, field engineers can use the smart PV terminal to interact real-time with the O&M expert team at the headquarters by video or voice, optimizes the allocation of personnel, and improves the maintenance efficiency.

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