1 GW Ground-mounted Smart PV Plant in Yanchi, China

Location: Yanchi, Ningxia, China

COD: 06/2016 

Capacity: 1 GW

Huawei Solution:

Smart PV controller: SUN2000-40KTL, SUN2000-50KTL

Smart PV wireless transmission system

Smart PV management system

1GW Ground-mounted Smart PV Plant in Ningxia, China

The largest single PV plant in the world

Customer Value

  • Smart PV controller, up to 90 MPPTs for 1 MW, reducing the impact of blocking and PV string mismatch and increasing the average energy yield by more than 3%;
  • FusionSolar Smart O&M Cloud Center centrally manages all plants for the group. Smart O&M taps into potential benefits through cloud computing and big data analysis, maximizing profits during the 25-year life span;
  • PLC replaces RS485 cables. The smart PV wireless transmission system replaces the fiber ring network (requiring communications cables), avoiding the issue that communication cable faults are difficult to locate after long-term operation.