108 MW Solar-Fishery Smart PV Plant in Yangzhou, China

Location: Yangzhou, Jiangsu, China

COD: 01/2015

Capacity: 108 MW (4 MW on-grid in phase 1 and 17 MW under construction in phase 2)

Huawei Solution:

4 MW in phase 1:140 PCS SUN2000-28KTL

17 MW in phase 2:652 PCS SUN2000-28KTL

108 MW Solar-Fishery Smart PV Plant in Yangzhou, China

The Yangzhou Yanyangtian Power Co., Ltd. plans to build a 108 MW solar-fishery solar power generation project in Yangzhou. After the completion of the project, it will be one of the largest solar-fishery plants in East China.

Customer Value:

  • Huawei PV PID technology prevents the potential induced degradation effect and ensures personal safety, enabling fishery work to be conducted properly;
  • The smart PV controller has an IP65 protection level and uses natural cooling and maintenance-free design;
  • Huawei smart PV controller uses support-mounting, which requires no the inverter room to be built, accelerating progress and causing no damage to the farmland.