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Smart Communication Box (Including Anti-PID Module)

The PID module is installed in the smart communication box to prevent the negative effect of potential induced degradation and avoid fast degradation of PV modules.

The PID module dynamically adjusts the N-PE voltage on the AC side so that the voltage of PV– of PV modules to the ground is almost 0 V, thereby preventing potential induced degradation. In addition, the smart PV controller has a built-in residual current detection (RCD) protection circuit. If a person has contact with PV+, the RCD protection circuit limits the contact current is restricted and disconnects the leakage loop, ensuring human safety.

Customer Value


Huwei SmartLogger USB and embedded web for PID moudle data reading, software upgrade, and operating parameters setting;
Can automatically switch between midpoint injection and PV compensation modes based on the inverter running status


Up to 80 inverters feeding into one PID Module;
Fewer than 10 cables need to be connected during installation;
A built-in commissioning mode facilitates onsite problem location


Guarantee human safety by highly accurate Residual Current Detection (RCD) protection