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Smart PV Management System

The FusionSolar smart PV management system is a platform that manages O&M and analyzes the group company operation. 

The system implements closed-loop management for assets, data, and O&M of a solar plant and performance evaluation and helps improve the power plant system efficiency and O&M efficiency, maximizing ROI in the power plant life cycle. The FusionSolar smart PV management system consists of four parts: FusionSolar smart O&M cloud center, plant-level management system, smart PV wireless transmission system, and scheduling and mobile O&M system.

Customer Value

Increase Yields

With PR analysis, to actively increase yields;
Fast fault clearance, to reduce yield loss;
Remote and centralized maintenance to reduce cost

Assist Decisions

Decision on investment plan;
Decision on equipment choice;
Evaluation on team KPI

Guarantee safety

Guarantee safe and traceable operation;
Guarantee safe and reliable data and information;
Guarantee full-lifecycle assets safety

Promote financing

Credible and reliable financial analysis;
Intuitive display to investors in multiple ways


FusionSolar Cloud Management Center

  • The O&M analysis system evaluates the group company operation KPIs, power plant KPIs and assets, and team performance. The operation APP allows the senior management team to learn the operation of the group company and power plant in real time.
  • In the FusionSolar smart O&M cloud center, the group company experts and O&M team use big data analysis and mining to identify the PV modules that are lagging and affect power generation, provide timely warning, and conduct PR analysis and health check and discrete analysis of devices and PV strings for continuous power plant optimization and energy yield improvement. They also evaluate and analyze power plants and devices, such as comparing inverters and PV modules and analyzing O&M efficiency. The analysis results provide a basis for decision-making in aspects including group company address selection, model selection, and support angle design.

FusionSolar Plant Management System

  • The plant-level management system consists of the plant monitoring system and the plant production management system.
  • The plant monitoring system implements visual monitoring for PV strings based on the physical and logical positions. It can detect faults in a timely manner, locate the root causes, and provide troubleshooting suggestions, helping O&M engineers quickly discover, identify, and solve problems.
  • The plant production management system together with the monitoring system achieves closed-loop management from fault detection to handling and helps O&M personnel manage routine work and analyze and evaluate the O&M efficiency.

Smart PV LTE Transmission System

  • The smart PV wireless transmission system uses the 4G LTE technology. It is applied in a solar plant and can replace the fiber ring network. The system features high transmission speed, high stability and reliability, quick installation and delivery, easy maintenance, and flexible capacity expansion.
  • End-to-end transmission delay < 50 ms, Device safety and reliability up to 99.999%;
  • Requires no tunnels for fiber deployment; wireless coverage can be completed within two weeks for a 100 MW power plant 

Integrated Dispatching and Mobile O&M System

  • The scheduling system in the smart O&M cloud center and the mobile O&M system in the power plant constitute the remote O&M, mobile O&M, and video surveillance platform for a smart solar plant. The platform allows group company experts to work with onsite personnel by real-time voice and video, enabling smart remote O&M and quick problem solving.
  • The O&M APP is installed on the smart PV terminal to implement functions such as mobile asset management, work and operation ticket management, alarm management, mobile inspection, and expert diagnosis, improving O&M efficiency.