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Social Contribution

We believe in the power of communications to connect people and enable information access across economic, social, and geographic boundaries. We are aware that access to education is vital for creating opportunities that support sustainable and fair development. We recognize the need for everyone to take part in protecting the world's environmental resources. We support the countries and communities where we operate by contributing to the local charity, health, and disaster relief needs of these societies.

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Bridging the Digital Divide

Huawei takes the initiative to work with partners on programs that help nurture talent, foster educational opportunities, and enhance information access to underserved communities around the world by leveraging the full potential of communications technologies. We also establish training centers and launch joint teaching initiatives to develop local talent, transfer knowledge, and encourage regional building and participation in the digital community.

Huawei’s Telecom Seeds for the Future Program Nurtures ICT Talent

The fast growing ICT industry has brought constant changes to the needs of our customers and therefore our business model(s). As a result, across the ICT ecosystem, there is an urgent need for a large number of technical staff that can address the challenges posed by this transformation. In many countries there is a knowledge gap between what is learned in the classroom and what skills are necessary in a real-world setting. Therefore, the pool of skilled personnel should be provided opportunities to learn about the latest technologies. Huawei developed the Telecom Seeds for the Future Program to develop local ICT talent, transfer knowledge, promote a greater understanding of,and interest in, the telecommunications sector, and encourage regional building and participation in the digital community.

The program has been implemented in a number of countries, including Congo, France, Ghana, Guinea, Indonesia, Italy, Kenya, Malaysia, Morocco, Singapore, Thailand, Uganda, United Arab Emirates, and the UK. Through the program, Huawei:

  • Works with universities and other local organizations to provide some training on communication technologies. For example, Huawei Authorized Network Academy (HANA) offers technology courses, teacher training and qualification, and career certification. We also establish or make available existing ICT training centers. These facilities help to enhance the education experience available to students in local markets.
  • Provides scholarships and internships for top students.
  • Offers a work experience to selected students. The Huawei Undergraduate Work Experience Program provides ICT students with the opportunity to gain valuable hands-on work experience at Huawei’s offices in China, enabling students to be fully immersed in a global business operation, cross-cultural work practices, and Chinese culture.

What makes this program unique is that, in addition to providing scholarships and internship programs that can boost students’ understanding of the telecoms world; it also offers first-hand learning opportunities through interactions with Huawei staff and visits to Huawei laboratories, where program participants can witness live demonstrations of the latest technology.

In some countries, Huawei, in partnership with local universities, promotes localized innovation by encouraging ICT students to develop mobile applications that improve the daily lives of people around the world.

Thanks to the program, students are able to enhance their ability to adapt in the ICT industry as they gain an understanding of the most up-to-date technologies and skills, as well as local innovation needs. By acquiring hands-on skills, students are able to gain confidence, which helps them further excel in their careers and in multi-cultural business environments. Local universities are able to improve their offerings in the ICT sector and provide a higher level of education to students. The program has also enhanced the available pool of skilled personnel in the technology sector, which in the long term will help reduce unemployment rates; and is in line with the strategic digital plan of many countries as they seek to bridge the digital divide.

With our Telecom Seeds for the Future Program, we have established 16 training centers worldwide and granted scholarships to thousands of students from 50 universities across 14 countries.

Huawei’s Telecom Seeds for the Future Program Nurtures ICT Talent

Creating Opportunities Through Education

Huawei believes that access to education is critical to creating opportunities that will support sustainable and equitable levels of development in the countries in which we operate. Telecommunications can play a critical role in making that access possible and we help form effective education systems, sharing our expertise in the ICT area with local communities and providing and developing technologies that enable online learning and multimedia classrooms.

Case Study: Huawei Supports the School with Class 2.0 Program in Poland

The objective of the program is to encourage the use of ICT to educate young global citizens. Teachers, students, and experts are working together, gathering and sharing ICT good practices in teaching and learning.

Huawei supports the School with Class 2.0 Program in cooperation with the Polish Minister of Education, and in partnership with the Centrum for Civic Education and the Gazeta Wyborcza (the biggest Polish daily newspaper). As a partner of the program, Huawei donated PLN100,000 (around US$33,000). Since 2010, 24 on-site trainings were organized; 789 schools participated in the program; 1,800 educators were involved in conferences and workshops; 3,500 teachers were trained on an e-coaching platform; and approximately 65,000 students were reached.

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Children using Huawei devices

Promoting Environmental Initiatives

Huawei recognizes the need for everyone to take part in protecting the world's environmental resources. Huawei actively collaborates with public and private partners on programs that leverage communications technologies and expertise to promote sustainable development and environmental protection in order to achieve our objective: "Green Communications, Green Huawei, and Green World".

Case Study: Huawei Supports Safaricom Marathon in Kenya

Huawei has sponsored the Safaricom Marathon in Kenya for five consecutive years. On June 30, 2012, Huawei donated US$100,000 to the 13th Safaricom Marathon themed "Run Wild for the Wild." Funds were donated to the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy to improve living conditions in rural areas and to preserve the natural environment in Kenya.

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Donation ceremony for the Safaricom Marathon in Kenya

Contributing to the Societies Where We Operate

Huawei is committed to supporting the countries and communities where we operate by contributing to the local charity, health, and disaster relief needs of these societies.

Case Study: Huawei Provides Post-disaster Relief Following the Van Earthquake in Turkey

In October 2011, the city of Van was stricken by an earthquake. Huawei restored quickly the infrastructure needs in 24 hours. In addition, we provided primary school students with 330 sets of 7 to 12-year old childrens clothing. Huawei also participated in the Vodafone Foundation's First Step project to establish three new nursery classrooms, in partnership with the Turkish Red Crescent and the Mother Child Foundation (AÇEV). We also took part in the Turkey's Moneybank for Van program initiated by Turkcell under the auspices of Ministry of National Education (MEB) and the Turkish Education Foundation (TEV), to build a campus that includes houses for 192 teachers and a dormitory for 132 students. Scholarships were also given to 100 students.

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School children benefiting from Huawei's support