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Social Contribution

At Huawei, our charity activities are designed to attain four goals: bridging the digital divide, creating opportunities through education, promoting environmental initiatives, and contributing to the communities where we operate. Specifically, we contribute to local communities by supporting charity, education, environmental protection, health, and disaster relief efforts. We aim to become part of local communities, create value for them, and help them achieve prosperity and sustainability.

Creating Opportunities Through Education

Huawei enthusiastically supports ICT education in communities where we operate because we believe that knowledge creates opportunities and that education drives sustainability. To transfer knowledge and create opportunities, Huawei has established ICT training centers, and provided scholarships, internships, and study trips for top college students.

Case Study: Huawei SmartBus Program – Get on the Future Generation

Huawei's SmartBus is a mobile classroom installed with ICT equipment that provides students with mobile learning and helps them learn about ICT. Inside this modern classroom, large wall-mounted LCD TVs and touchscreens educate students about safely using new technologies, and exhibit Huawei's leadership, innovation, and R&D capabilities. In the center of the bus there are several desks, where students can use 12 Huawei smartphones, 12 Huawei MediaPads, and 4 Mi-Fi routers to study ICT training courses.

Huawei officially launched the SmartBus Program in Spain and Portugal in 2013.


Huawei launched the SmartBus Program in Spain on December 21, 2012 under the auspices of the Minister of Industry, Energy and Tourism and the State Secretary for Telecommunications and Information Society. The program teaches children aged 10 to 13 to effectively use ICT equipment and learn about ICT. The mobile classroom visited 18 locations in Madrid, Sevilla, Segovia, Valencia, and Zaragoza.

On April 4, 2013, the SmartBus Program came to a successful conclusion, lasting over three months and spanning 5,000 km. The program trained more than 20,000 people from 85 schools on how to use social networking and browse the Internet in a safe and responsible manner.

The Spanish government endorsed and praised the program, remarking that the cutting-edge video, audio, and human-machine interaction technologies on the SmartBus create an excellent mobile classroom.


Huawei officially launched the SmartBus Program in Portugal on November 20, 2013. We will spend a month delivering training courses for over 3,000 students from 19 schools in Lisbon and Porto on how to use ICT equipment safely and responsibly.


Contributing to Local Communities Where Huawei Operates

Huawei is committed to contributing to local communities in the areas of disaster relief, culture, environmental protection, health, and other charity activities.

Below is an overview of Huawei's social contribution activities.


Based on our successful cooperation with K to College in 2012, Huawei expanded our partnership with the organization on March 14, 2013 to cover southern California and provide school supplies to more than 200 students in San Diego. K to College is a non-profit organization that operates free school and dental supply programs for underprivileged students in California.


On June 29, 2013, Huawei Kenya donated US$100,000 to Safaricom Marathon, marking the seventh time that Huawei has sponsored the event. Donations for Safaricom Marathon are used to preserve the natural environment in Kenya.


On July 4, 2013, Huawei Australia made donations to International Postgraduate Pediatric Certificate to support study on children's diseases. Since 2010, Huawei has been cooperating with Sydney Children's Hospital and other hospitals in the Asia Pacific to donate Huawei MediaPads that enable training for doctors and pediatric nurses in poor, remote areas that lack Internet connectivity.


In cooperation with the Vodafone Foundation, Huawei deployed an Instant Network in Tacloban, one of the areas seriously affected by Typhoon Haiyan. Huawei supported communications services for victims so that they could make free phone calls to get in touch with their loved ones, and we assisted humanitarian workers in their relief efforts.

Huawei donated US$30,000 to Ayala Foundation as well as 300 Huawei mobile phones to ABS-CBN Foundation. Our local employees gave generous donations and sent food and medicine to the Philippines Red Cross.


In November 2013, Huawei launched the 1,000 Girls ICT Training Program together with the Nigerian Ministry of Communication Technology to train 1,000 girls in the first phase of the program. In the future, Huawei will expand the scope and reach of the program.


In October 2013, Huawei Zambia and the International Women's Club (a renowned charity institute in Zambia) jointly held a large charity banquet in the InterContinental Hotel in Zambia. This marks the third year that Huawei Zambia has collaborated with high-end local charity institutes to contribute to local communities where we operate. All funds raised at the banquet are spent on charity initiatives.