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Caring for Employees

Inspiring dedication is one of Huawei's core values, and it manifests itself in many ways. We assess employees and select managers based on their performance results, as well as the extent of their responsibilities. We provide our teams with a global development platform, giving young team members the opportunity to shoulder greater responsibilities and accelerate career growth. In this way, we have enabled hundreds of thousands of Huawei people to yield ample returns for their individual efforts, and gain memorable life experience.

Workforce Diversification

As of December 31, 2016, Huawei employed approximately 180,000 staff in various business segments worldwide. In total, 45% of our employees – approximately 80,000 people – were involved in R&D.

Hailing from many different countries, races, and ethnicities, our 180,000 employees form a diverse family. They come from 163 countries and regions around the world. In China alone, our employees are from 38 ethnic groups. We have developed and launched many diversity initiatives in areas such as nationality, gender, age, race, and religion.

In the global industry as a whole,there is a relatively low ratio of female employees. To address this issue, we emphasize gender equality in employment and prohibit gender bias in strict compliance with all applicable international conventions as well as local laws and regulations. The ratio of our female employees has remained stable over the past several years. We also prioritize the selection of female managers and give female employees priority for promotion if they have the same qualifications as their male counterparts. In 2016, women made up 7.9% of our management team. Of our 17 board members, four are women.

In response to a suggestion from our customer Vodafone, in 2016 Huawei became a supporter of HeForShe, a solidarity campaign for the advancement of women initiated by UN Women. The president of Huawei's Public Affairs and Communications Department is leading the initiative, calling for the company's male staff to support UN Women and to sign the HeForShe commitment. We are also spreading the word to our suppliers and partners at events like the Huawei Global Engineering Partner Convention.

As a global company, we actively recruit staff from all over the world to boost workforce localization. Hiring local employees enables us to better understand the unique culture of each country and region where we operate, while promoting local employment and economic growth. In 2016, Huawei employed more than 35,000 staff in countries outside China, with a localization rate of 71% for non-managerial employees and 16.2% for middle and senior managers.

Capability and Career Development

As part of our efforts to help employees grow and unlock their value, we provide equal and ample access to training and promotion opportunities. In 2016, Huawei provided a total of 1,626 training courses that benefited 88,921 trainees. Each trainee spent an average of 29.42 hours in training.

Strategic Reserve Enables Capability Transformation and Talent Mobility

Huawei's Strategic Reserve is the most important medium through which the company improves internal vitality and provides mobility and enablement to outstanding employees. As members of the Strategic Reserve, outstanding employees can receive training and work in key projects to hone the expertise required to become a manager. Through training and hands-on practice, outstanding employees can also rapidly learn new skills in key domains on which the company focuses. The Strategic Reserve utilizes a combination of training and practice to provide employees with opportunities for capability transformation and career development.

Training and practice with the Strategic Reserve

Since its establishment in 2014, more than 10 elite teams have been formed under the Strategic Reserve, covering all of the company's major divisions. In 2016 alone, more than 23,000 employees joined the Strategic Reserve, learning new skills and upgrading their knowledge base.

Our iLearning platform offers employees easy access to online courses on their mobile devices whenever and wherever they wish. The platform keeps our staff up to date with the latest practical skills, allowing them to develop personal competence and keep pace with the knowledge economy.

The iLearning platform provides a wide variety of quality courses, including courses on competency & qualification (C&Q), general skills, R&D, delivery, finance, and other domains. By the end of 2016, there were a total of 48,500 courses on iLearning.

Huawei's iLearning platform

We value professional development and encourage our staff to chart their own careers in a way that suits their abilities and interests. We provide two career paths: managerial and professional. Our effective performance management system inspires managers at all levels to pay more attention to employee growth and development. We also explore different ways to improve how we manage employee performance, helping everyone to grow together with the company. In 2016, all employees received a performance appraisal and career development assessment. In line with talent needs and corporate policies, we accelerated the promotion of outstanding employees, helping them grow their career more rapidly.

Compensation and Benefits

One of Huawei's core values is Inspiring Dedication. To live this core value, we encourage employees to hone their expertise, and at the same time we offer them the support they need to realize their individual value. We provide both monetary and non-monetary incentives to promote employee well-being.

Huawei has a highly competitive compensation system. We have established long-term partnerships with consultancies (e.g., the Hay Group and Mercer), regularly surveyed compensation data, and promptly adjusted employee compensation based on survey results, corporate performance, and individual performance. There is no gender bias in our compensation standards.

We employ a "Contribute and Share" bonus distribution system, which links employee bonuses to corporate, departmental, and individual performance. In line with our corporate compensation policy, we review the bonus distribution plan each year and revise it as necessary. In 2016, we continued implementing the Time-based Unit Plan (TUP) worldwide, granting time-based units to employees so they can share in the benefits of Huawei's growth. This long-term incentive mechanism aligns employees' personal contributions with the company's long-term development, thus enabling Huawei's continuing success.

We have implemented an effective employee benefits system, which acts as an umbrella to protect our employees. Employee benefits include three parts: social insurance, commercial insurance, and medical assistance. Apart from mandatory insurance plans, we offer every employee global accident insurance, critical illness insurance, life insurance, medical insurance, and business travel insurance, as well as other forms of commercial insurance. We have also implemented medical assistance mechanisms to protect our employees under special circumstances. By combining these three types of employee benefits, we are able to offer sufficient benefits to protect employees from trouble and difficulty.

Natural disasters, critical illnesses, and deteriorating safety situations in certain regions could have considerable implications for employee health and safety. Huawei regards employee safety as a top priority, at all times and under all circumstances. We convey this principle to our employees, and have collaborated with international insurance companies and emergency rescue institutions to offer 24/7 employee healthcare services all over the world. In the event of an emergency, we waste no time in rapidly taking action. For employees suffering from critical illnesses or accidental injuries, we help them and their families address financial concerns and mental pressures. Employee care is an integral part of our corporate obligations.

iHealth Centers

Employee health and safety is always our top priority, and we have established a comprehensive employee benefit system. In 2016, we built multiple iHealth Centers where leading healthcare service providers offer our staff convenient access to specialized basic services. 

In April 2016, we launched an iHealth Center in our Beijing Research Center, on a pilot basis, to provide the following services:

  • Consulting: customized one-on-one health guidance, disease tracking, and intervention;
  • Emergency treatment: providing first aid for emergency cases before the patient is taken to hospital, and offering first aid training and drills; 
  • Health awareness: spreading healthcare knowledge

iHealth Centers opened in our research centers in Nanjing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Wuhan, Chengdu, and Xi'an in November 2016, serving approximately 70,000 employees. 

iHealth Center at the Wuhan Research Center

iHealth Center at the Xi'an Research Center

Creating a Relaxing and Efficient Working Environment

Huawei believes in creating a positive workplace where employees can enjoy both work and life. To this end, we foster an efficient, relaxing, and caring working environment, which gives employees a strong sense of happiness and inspires them to find the right work-life balance. Every year we organize a series of activities, including "Family Day", "3+1", and a "Charity Fun Run". These initiatives encourage managers at all levels to devote themselves to employee care. Our employees are also inspired to care for others, remain optimistic, and spread positive energy to change the workplace for the better.

Family Day

Since 2009, every department within Huawei holds an annual Family Day event, which has become a key activity for our employees and their families. It is a day that brings together the work of employees, the development of the company, and the happiness of families into one cohesive whole.

Activities include parent-child games, artistic performances, delicious buffet meals, and more. By touring the company offices, canteens, and product showrooms, family members can gain a better understanding of the company. In 2016, over 27,000 employees and their family members participated in Family Day events.

Family Day in Huawei Nigeria

Parent-child games

To maintain a positive workplace, we regularly run organizational climate surveys, the Manager Feedback Program (MFP), employee interviews, and hold open discussions with staff. The aim is to better understand employee opinions and expectations for the company; identify issues that negatively affect our workplace; analyze root causes for those issues; and design constructive solutions to improve management.

Manager Feedback Program

Our Manager Feedback Program (MFP) is a regular initiative that conveys Huawei's basic requirements and key expectations for HR management. This program empowers managers to continuously optimize the way they manage their staff. By filling out an online questionnaire, staff can offer recommendations to their managers, and provide feedback on how well their managers work and where they need to improve. Based on the feedback, managers create and execute targeted improvement plans.

The questionnaire-based survey is anonymous, with the process and results kept confidential. The 2016 MFP covered every department across the company, with feedback received from approximately 120,000 employees.

Creating a Favorable Workplace

As a global company with a presence in over 170 countries and regions, Huawei has built a global value chain with the best resources from around the world. In every country and region, we operate in compliance with local laws and regulations, and share value with our global partners and customers. When executing corporate HR management policies, as well as developing and implementing local regulations, we always keep in mind local laws, regulations, and industry standards. We also give special consideration to local customs and conventions.

We place significant emphasis on the management and development of local hires. In addition to boosting the operating efficiency of our local offices, we support local communities by creating jobs and paying taxes. Through smooth communication, we enhance mutual understanding between Huawei and local governments, the media, and other external stakeholders. Our goal is to become an innovative enabler of the information society and a collaborative industry contributor.

When recruiting, promoting or setting compensation for employees, we never discriminate against our employees on the basis of race, gender, nationality, age, pregnancy, or disability. We prohibit the use of forced, bonded, or indentured labor. Moreover, we have enacted detailed, equitable regulations covering each major phase of an employee's relationship with the company, including recruitment, employment, and exit. No incidents of forced labor have taken place over the course of Huawei's history.

We strictly prohibit the use of child labor, and have effective polices and preventative measures in place to prevent the recruitment and use of child labor. We also require the same of our suppliers and conduct regular audits to ensure their compliance.

We respect employees' legal rights with regard to freedom of association and collective bargaining. In our China HQ and overseas subsidiaries, we have established or joined labor union organizations, and signed or endorsed collective agreements. Our local subsidiaries abide by local laws and regulations on labor unions, and have formed close relationships with labor bureaus, employer associations, and consultancies. We never prevent employees from participating in the lawful activities of registered labor unions as long as participation is voluntary and is not in violation of local laws.

Our Employee Relationship Department has created streamlined communication channels to collect and understand employees' opinions and suggestions. Employees can file complaints through the following channels: complaint hotline of the Committee of Ethics and Compliance (CEC); BCGs violation hotline; HR services complaint and suggestion hotline; grievance mailbox for performance appraisals; and complaint mailbox for procurement.

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