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Supplier Collaboration System

Supplier Collaboration System (

SCS(Supplier Collaboration System) is a system that manages the collaboration business between Huawei and suppliers. The function of SCS mainly includes procurement forcast,PO,abnormal issue management,VMI,ASN,Account Payment,etc.SCS can support and manage the collaboration with suppliers for Production/General/Engineering Service Procurement.

Supplier Relationship Management

SRM is procurement suppliers management platform ,including: information management based of supplier , project management (qualification, selection, contract), quality management, performance management, category management, relationship management, collaborative management, etc..


E-bid is a method whereby suppliers quote a competitive price using IT tools.At least three suppliers are required to make quotations. Transformed quotation is the only standard for the system to automatically rank the suppliers in e-bid. Results from the e-bid platform may be used as quotations of the suppliers or used for rank of the quotations in competitive bidding, competitive evaluation or price comparison.

Global Delivery Platform

GDP (Global Delivery Platform) is Huawei supplier-oriented product data dissemination platform, supporting the TK, SKD, consignment business model. Integrating with PDM system, supporting global supplier file Download.