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WinWin SE4 (Augmented Innovation)

Getting Augmented

Connectivity: The heartbeat of a Better Connected World

The industrial age is giving way to the digital age, with networks and data emerging as a new factor of production. Connectivity sits at the heart of this shift.

Key AI fields

Keeping it real with Educated AI

Educated AI is an area of artificial intelligence that is application-specific, human-centric, user-educated, self-learning, and personalized.

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Computer vision and the AI boom

An overview of computer vision, how current research is teaching machines how to see, and how this can be applied.

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A robotic vision of the future

In the world of tomorrow, robots and AI will play an increasingly important role. At this year's Global Mobile Internet Conference (GMIC), major industry players set out their vision of the future.

WinWin SE4

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Augmented Innovation: A new dawn of creativity and productivity

A smart world is a connected world. And the time is fast approaching when ubiquitous connectivity will springboard the most advanced nations into the stage of Augmented Innovation – a time when the combined capabilities of machines and humans will create amazing gains in productivity that neither can achieve alone.

Getting Augmented

Make your move into Augmented Innovation

Huawei's Global Connectivity Index 2016 identified the four stages of ICT maturity. The stage that no country has yet reached - Augmented Innovation - is on the horizon.

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Machine learning in the age of Augmented Innovation

At the core of artificial intelligence sits machine learning (ML), which uses big data and data mining to give AI its heartbeat. Find out how ML is poised to make life better.

Key AI fields

Natural language processing: Intelligent agents

Natural language processing is an exciting field of AI that explores human-machine interaction. It's also setting the stage for the intelligent agents of tomorrow.

An Eye on AI

Artificial intelligence: Friend or frenemy?

AI is poised to be an overwhelming force for good, but we're still dipping our collective big toe in its relatively uncharted waters. A robust approach is required to maximize the value of AI.

An Eye on AI

How intelligent will AI get?

Will AI ever reach human levels of intelligence? Opinions vary, but one thing is certain: AI is far from easy.

An eye on AI

Meet your new robot overlords

Hal, Ex-Machina, the Terminator and Matrix movies, and I, Robot all trade on the beloved sci-fi meme of robotized AI and the public’s collective psyche when it all goes wrong: fascination and fear. After all, if machines become faster, stronger, and brighter than humanity, why wouldn’t they turn on their soft, meaty, and dim creators for either enslavement or a full-on purge?

Smarter and Safer

Smart cities in the city century

ICT enablers and AI will make cities safter and smarter than ever before. But, there are a number of steps that need to be taken before we can reach that stage.

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Markets of one

After years of hyperbole, mass customization is finally within our grasp. In this scenario, data is the goldmine.

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Cyber security in the augmented age

Connectivity is increasing and will continue to do as the first nations stride into the hyper-connected world of Augmented Innovation. How will this affect cyber security?

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Industry snapshots: Tech enablers and innovation in different verticals

A close up of four verticals and how cloud, big data, and IoT are leading to massive productivity gains.

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Nowhere to hide: Building safe cities with technology enablers and AI

Governments are ramping up camera coverage in cities to stop "shadow maps" of crime hotspots from emerging and are using big-data driven AI like computer vision to cut crime.

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The future of education: We don’t need to teach our kids to code, we need to teach them how to dream

The future of education isn't just about tablets in classrooms, ubiquitous connectivity, online dashboards, and other tech - it's much more than that. We need to fundamentally rethink how we approach the field of learning, so it meets the needs of society in the coming decades.