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WinWin Issue 12

Issue 12

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Voices from Operators

TELUS more

Ibrahim Gedeon, CTO of TELUS: Spectrum is a resource, period. You can treat it with respect and optimize it or you can abuse it and always be lacking.

Voices from Operators

Bell Canada: Mobility rings true

With the world’s highest smartphone penetration rate and a low population density, staying profitable is far from easy. Stephen Howe, Bell Canada’s CTO, explains how the operator is doing just that.

Tao of Business

Second-screen: The next phase of television

The era of passive television viewing is fading as viewers increasingly comment & interact on their second screens. Learn how operators & vendors can profit from this trend.

Tao of Business

VAS transformation: Vision into action

Operators must transform their VAS infrastructure, service offerings, and business models if they wish to turn threats from Internet and OTT providers into opportunities.


User experience matters

Ding Yun, CEO of Carrier Network Business Group: In the MBB era, subscribers are being enticed to ask for more. But when it comes to user experience, it’s always the human elements that matter – speed, quality, freedom, simplicity and sharing.


Beyond the specs: User experience

Users now have the final say in steering industry development; it is vitally important that they are given the means to quickly and easily access mobile networking.


The connected possibilities of mobile broadband

This adapted white paper discusses strategies and concepts that will help carriers stay ubiquitous and profitable in the mobile broadband era.

Tao of Business

Traffic operation: Converting data into value

Traffic operation utilizes a smart pipe to build up an information exchange platform that aims to offer better information services so that data traffic increases in a monetized fashion. In other words, it converts 1’s and 0’s into value.


Smart: Innovatively making Telco 2.0 a reality

Despite an ARPU of four U.S. dollars per subscriber, Smart Communications spent its twentieth year (2011) in an enviable position. Learn more about how they have achieved this.


China Mobile Hubei: Smart operations, tangible value

Modular Internet cache has enabled China Mobile Hubei to effectively smarten its perations through reduced & rerouted network traffic, which has enhanced its network speed, user experiences, and subscriber base.


KPN International: Expanding the European information superhighway to 100G

Jasper Snijder, Managing Director of KPN International: The leading coherent 100G commercial application enables us to secure large bandwidth and high stability requirements on our network and serve our customers even better.


Telenor: Fastest ever mobile network swap in Europe

Telenor and Huawei made history by completely swapping the operator’s home-market mobile network in record time, but it was far from easy.