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2011 Issue 02
Discover how we address new O&M challenges and needs during business transformation, and read stories of our customers' success enabled by our professional service solutions.
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Supporting Content
How should networks be optimized to improve the experience of iPhone 4 users? China Unicom in Hangzhou and Huawei jointly set up a professional team to explore this question.
Managing end users' QoE like managing network performance, and make it measurable and manageable, and it will repay you with monetized and immense value.
Face to Face
Focusing on end user experience, our experts show you the key value of Huawei SmarCare solutions: measurable, visible and manageable, as well as the network resource lean management based on end users' behavior analysis.
Service Solution
In the era of experience economy, to mobile broadband operators, how to guarantee QoE is the key to remain leading players in fierce market competition, improving profit, and cutting cost.
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