Intelligent heart of mobile Internet


With the fast development of mobile Internet, mobile data traffic volume increases rapidly. However, restricted by technical means of service control, mobile operators have been mainly adopting the traditional "pipe lease" operation model, and only earning limited pipe rental fees. As a result, the traffic volume has tremendously increased but the income has not kept pace. Then how to implement intensive management of bandwidth resources and maintain continuously growing profits?

Intelligent packet core network

The traditional mobile packet core network is no more than a transparent channel for service bearing. Since it can't distinguish from the varied streams of services passing through the channel, all services are processed as bit streams without discrepancies. Such a channel is usually known as a "dumb pipe".

Since packet core network can not identify different services accurately, operators have to use pipe lease billing based on traffic or time instead of their virtual values to perform flexible billing, management and control. For example, P2P download of flat rate users has accounted for 50% - 80% total traffic, and munched a great deal of bandwidth resources, but generated zero additional income.

On one hand, volume-based billing system is confusing and unattractive for the ordinary users because "data traffic volume" is difficult to understand and measure. On the other hand, the simple time-based billing system, especially the surge of data traffic catalyzed by monthly flat rate billing, has worsened the pipe transparency for operators day by day, tipping the balance between operation and profit.

How can operators promote mobile data business effectively, and continuously make a profit on the surging data traffic by shifting from "pipe lease" operation model to intensive operation?

The transition of mobile data service operation calls for the emergence of an intelligent packet core network, which, based on service awareness, has abundant functionality like content-based billing, service control, bandwidth management, service analysis and personal firewall, etc. The intelligent packet core network gives new vitality to mobile data service operation, and is regarded as the intelligent "heart" of the mobile Internet.

Service awareness means to distinguish the various services carried by the network through deep inspection into the service data packets. Operators can charge according to the services that the users actually use, as is called content-based billing. The control of services is totally dictated by the operators, who can strategically control the access of services to the network, and assign different bandwidth resources to different services. For example, with P2P services, operators can deploy specific restriction manners or billing policy to allow network resources to converge towards the value services.

With service awareness, operators can accurately grasp the characteristics of user behaviors when introducing and deploying new services. In this way, operators can then implement and fine-tune the strategies according to the service implementation.

The commercial application of mobile broadband means more demanding security requirements. Precise service awareness allows you to control and filter services that might threaten network security. Meanwhile, operators can provide flexible rules and policies for users, and set up personal firewalls to improve the security level for commercial customer services and steer the smooth deployment of commercial applications.

Here is the best choice

The intelligent packet core network has realized effective control and management on data services, bringing operators not only profits but also challenges.

First of all, service awareness requires in-depth analysis of the data packets, which takes up a great deal of system resources. This will seriously degrade equipment capacity and performance, causing a huge impact on the network. Also, an intelligent packet core network involves obtaining user and service information, service control, and the deployment of billing policies. A lot of different equipment entities or interfaces are needed to realize those functions. During the deployment process, the 3GPP incompliance of equipment and interfaces will lead to high-cost transformation, upgrade and maintenance.

Finally, in regard to the complex and varied mobile data services, consumer demand changes fast. Those who can't support and respond rapidly may lose market opportunities.

Through years of efforts, Huawei has launched the high-performance intelligent packet core network solution, effectively solving these problems and winning a great reputation in the industry.

In order to reduce the impact of service awareness on network performance, Huawei's high-performance intelligent packet core network is built on its in-house advanced router platform. It adopts the separation of control and data, and features a unique distributed architecture for the independent deep packet inspection engine. Signaling, data plane and service awareness are based on different processors respectively. This helps obviate your worries since it not only can enhance service analysis ability, but also avoid degrading system capacity and performance, after deep packet inspection is enabled.

Huawei's intelligent packet core network effectively protects your investment, which is fully compliant with 3GPP standard and thus guarantees convenient equipment purchasing, service component interoperability and service upgrades. It also makes deployment flexible, reduces the comprehensive cost, and secures the stability and continuity of service policies.

The deployment of intelligent packet core network is not accomplished in one move. New applications and services are constantly emerging. The key to success in the mobile data business is the rapid deployment and adaptation of new services to meet user needs and improve user experience. With its sophisticated and high-performance router platform, powerful research and development strength and abundant experience in the IP field, Huawei is able to implement in-depth optimization and customized development efficiently, helping you to quickly deploy new services and win the competition.


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