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HP serves everyone from consumers to small and mid-sized businesses to enterprises to public sector customers with an extensive portfolio of market-leading solutions specifically designed to meet the needs of each customer segment.

With annual R&D investment of $3.5 billion (USD), HP fuels the invention of products, solutions and new technologies. We produce an average of 11 patents a day worldwide. HP Labs provides a central research function for the company which is focused on inventing new technologies to improve our customers' lives, change markets and create business opportunities.

HP's strategy is to offer products, services and solutions that are high tech, low cost and deliver the best customer experience. With a team of 150,000 employees HP does business in more than 170 countries. Revenues reached $79.9 billion for the fiscal year that ended October 31, 2004. Please read and for more information on HP and HP China respectively.


The HP Integrated Service Management (ISM) solution provides and integrates OSS/BSS solution for data, voice and converged services using new generation, integrated solution time to market (revenue), high quality of service and focus on profitable subscribers. HP ISM is a complete service management solution that ties service delivery, service assurance, and service usage together into an integrated service-level view. This provides an end-to-end view of the service that goes beyond just the access and core networks. HP ISM allows the service provider to also manage access devices, IT systems, applications, and content that together with the network provides the service to the customer. Figure 1 shows the HP Integrated Service Management architecture. For more information, see

HP OpenView OSS portfolio overview

HP offers a rich set of solutions for service and network operations centers and the business processes these organizations implement. The HP OpenView OSS portfolio is built around a core set of integrated OSS products giving a breadth of infrastructure management capability unparalleled in the industry. It is offered through HP Integrated Service Management Solution Set, bringing business and implementation consulting as well as an advanced Next Generation OSS (NGOSS) architecture, also supporting OSS through Java™ (OSS/J) integration. See Table 1 for a list of solution components. For more information, see

Table 1: HP OpenView OSS products and HP Integrated Service Management

OSS area
HP OpenView product

Fault management
HP OpenView TeMIP
HP OpenView Network Node Manager
HP OpenView Operations

Performance management
HP OpenView Performance Insight
HP OpenView Internet Services (OVIS)
HP OpenView Web Transaction Observer and Analyzer
Problem and help desk management
HP OpenView Service Desk
Service level/quality management
HP OpenView Service Quality Manager
Customer portal
HP OpenView Service Information Portal

Transport and Broadband Service Controllers for HP OpenView TeMIP and HP OpenView Service Activator
Usage mediation
HP OpenView Internet Usage Manager (IUM)
Overall solution architecture and process-enabled message bus
HP Integrated Service Management Framework (ISM)
Other OSS areas
See for OSS partners

BSS solutions and components See

Service assurance

HP OpenView TeMIP form the basis for HP telecom OSS and is tightly integrated with HP OpenView Operations and Network Node Manager. These products offer a single real-time topology view as well as fault management, root-cause analysis and service-impact analysis across the entire infrastructure. Complementing these products are modules for service probing (HP OpenView Internet Services and Web Transactions), performance management (HP OpenView Performance Insight), and problem resolution (HP OpenView Service Desk). HP OpenView Service Quality Manager gives operators a comprehensive view of service quality and SLAs based on enterprise-wide data, including data sourced from the rest of the HP OpenView OSS portfolio.

Service delivery

HP Service Activator offers an extremely flexible activation engine that has already been deployed across services ranging from data centers, ADSL, and mobile voice to IP VPN and Wi-Fi.

HP also offers specialized multi-vendor connection management applications for ATM, frame relay and optical networks. We work closely with leading inventory vendors to deliver a complete service delivery solution.


HP OpenView Internet Usage Manager captures accounting and usage data from a diversity of sources. Its highly flexible mediation core from a diversity of sources. Its highly flexible mediation core gathers data from both traditional billing sources such as call detail records (CDRs), and new data accounting sources such as IPDR, RADIUS, traffic managers and many more. The product also connects with all leading billing vendors as well as other HP products. With its report features, HP OpenView IUM can provide a valuable source of business intelligence, but can also feed other systems. HP also offers fraud management, revenue assurance and additional business intelligence functions. Billing in general is covered by HP BSS solution. For more information, see

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