Customer Experience Management

Customer Experience Management
Huawei believe in a holistic approach to CEM. Utilizing the Customer Experience Lifecycle together with objective/subjective metrics association we accurately determine all users’ perceived experience. With this insight, our solutions can help Telcos to successfully transform their operations to realize the full benefits of CEM.


Mobile internet, OTT players, and Social Networking are challenging the traditional telco business and accelerating the emergence of new business models that makes operators more agile, deliver superior customer experience and reduce costs. Customer Experience Management is recognized as a key differentiator for CSPs to remain competitive. Many telecom operators are embarking on transformation towards customer centricity. Closed-loop resolution, big data analytics, multi-channel journey experience, and enterprise customer assurance are essential in delivering a true E2E Customer Experience.

Solution Overview

HUAWEI SmartCare® CEM manages experience across the customer lifecycle by associating QoE, service quality and network performance and creates customer centricity, superior experience, and efficiency.

HUAWEI SmartCare ® CEM Solution includes:

1、User Centric Service Operations Center(SOC) solution is based on CPPP (Criteria, People, Process, and Platform) , which serves as the driving force of CEM for operators to:

  • Reduce customer care responses from days to minutes, handle customer complaints faster, increase First Call Resolution, and improve overall quality of customer service.
  • Enable new revenues from high value (VIP/Enterprise etc) customers through business transparency and experience assurance capabilities;
  • Faster demarcation and Fault Isolation of non-telco related OTT issues and operator E2E issues thereby building a good brand
  • Help CSPs realize E2E visualization of customer experience management to improve user experience, create efficiencies, and reduce costs.

2、The Network & Service Quality Improvement (N&SQI) solution fine-tunes the network, maximizes network resource utilization, and improves the user experience of voice and data services by:

  • Decreasing network related complaints caused by service quality issues and reducing call handling time.
  • Improves Benchmark Ranking.
  • Faster demarcation and E2E service quality issue resolution for LTE, Hetnet, and multi-vendor, multi-technology networks.

3、Customer Experience Analytics (CEA) solution enables Carriers to improve customer satisfaction, explore new business revenue opportunities, and reduce customer complaints. Some of the salient features of CEA are:

  • Enable precise marketing capabilities through multi-dimensional customer insight;
  • Improve customer satisfaction based on big data modeling and network risk prediction ;
  • Identify and rectify problems in operators' network and service processes based on customer experience contact points across the entire customer lifecycle. Provide open and secure APIs.
  • The provision of open and secure platform APIs.

HUAWEI has launched Customer Experience Transformation Centre (CETC) in Shenzhen, China to help build the CEM ecosystem, enable verification and validation of closed loop business targets and business value, and to help operators realize the user-centric operations transformation.

Why Huawei CEM?

  • Established 20+ Service Operation Centers (SOC) all around the world thereby helping 590+ networks improve their service quality.
  • HUAWEI SmartCare® CEM was selected to lead TM Forum CEM Metrics guidebook
  • Worked with QUEST Forum to set the global KQI baseline.
  • HUAWEI SmartCare® CEM was awarded the “Global Telecom Solution Providers' CEM Solutions Strategy Leadership Award” by Frost & Sullivan, and awarded the “Most Innovative Use of Technology to Improve the CEM” by IQPC
  • HUAWEI SmartCare® CEM was awarded the Customer Experience Management (CEM) Innovation of the Year at the 2014 Telecom Asia Readers' Choice & Innovation Awards.

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Customer experience management (CEM) is an area of interest in telco, but a lot of vendors have simply repackaged or made incremental upgrades to older solutions so that they can be sold as CEM. A ground-up rethinking is needed if the benefits of CEM are to come to pass, and Huawei has one – SmartCare.