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To adapt to the revolutionary changes that are taking place in the information industry, Huawei is making strategic adjustments to better serve its customers. Huawei has extended the reach of its innovative offerings from the telecom carrier network field to the enterprise and consumer fields. To this end, we have coordinated the development of the "cloud-pipe-device" business and put considerable resources towards providing large capacity and intelligent information networks, a variety of smart devices, as well as new-generation business platforms and applications to offer users an efficient, environmentally friendly, and innovative information-based experience. Huawei will remain focused on customer needs as we continue to innovate, openly cooperate with partners, and deepen our commitment to providing telecom carriers, enterprises, and consumers with integrated solutions, products, and services. We will also continue to enhance the user experience, create maximum value for our customers, enrich life through communication, and improve work efficiency.



Carrier Network Business

Huawei provides telecom carriers with unified platforms, consistent experiences, and flexible Single solutions. These solutions support the transmission and exchange of data traffic over carrier networks, help carriers simplify networks, achieve smooth evolutions, and implement end-to-end integrations while enabling rapid deployments, streamlining operations, and reducing network CAPEX and OPEX.

Huawei fully aligns its professional service solutions with carrier strategies, in a move to better position carriers to complete seamless evolutions, improve user experiences, boost operating efficiency, increase revenue, and ultimately achieve excellent business results.

Enterprise Business

With its focus on ICT infrastructures, Huawei continuously drives innovations based on requirements raised by customers from finance, energy, power, transportation, governments, public utilities, and other industries. By providing ICT products and solutions that can be easily integrated by our partners, Huawei helps enterprise customers improve the efficiency of their communication, work, and production systems while reducing their operating costs.

Consumer Business

Huawei will continue to focus on consumers and fully utilize our carrier, distributor, and e-commerce channels to build Huawei into one of the most influential global brands for devices. We strive to bring consumers a simple and enjoyable user experience through mobile Internet applications. Moreover, Huawei customizes and manufactures devices according to the specific needs of telecom carriers to help them develop their business and achieve success.

In addition, Huawei will leverage its expertise in networks, cloud computing, and future-oriented converged solutions for personal and household applications and apply that knowledge to the production of a full range of devices. We will continue our commitment to "openness, cooperation, and innovation" as we build solid and cooperative relationships with operating system providers, chip suppliers, content providers, and other partners to form a complete and sound device ecosystem.