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Australian University students begin China Exchange training program with Huawei

Australia, 1 July 2013: 11 students from a range of Australian Universities will undertake a training tour of China thanks to an exchange program with Huawei Australia. Each student is currently studying an information and communications technology (ICT) course, and will spend three weeks in China as part of the China Exchange – Huawei Australia Undergraduate Work Experience Program.

“Huawei wants to ensure that Australia’s best and brightest ICT students are well-equipped to drive the future development of Australia’s ICT industry,” said Huawei Australia Chairman John Lord. “Huawei is investing in our next generation of ICT experts, and partnering with local Universities has proven to be a win-win for students and Huawei Australia.”

The China Exchange program is the latest of Huawei’s partnership programs with Australian Universities. Huawei is already a member of Macquarie University’s Electronic Engineering Partnership Program, where Huawei sponsors two students annually with $5,000 scholarships. Huawei is also a member of the University of Melbourne’s Institute for a Broadband Enabled Society, as well as hosting a joint training centre with RMIT.

Universities participating in the China Exchange program include Macquarie University, University of Ballarat, University of Melbourne, LaTrobe University, Deakin University, Monash University, Victoria University, RMIT, and Swinburne University, along with Box Hill TAFE.

Students were selected based on their academic performance, a desire to broaden their knowledge of telecoms and technology issues, and their interest in gaining experience in Chinese business and culture.

The program was first announced during a Victorian Government Trade Mission visit to Huawei in Shenzhen during September 2012. Announcing the beginning of the China Exchange program, Victorian Minister for Technology Gordon Rich-Phillips said: “The students will leave Victoria this weekend to participate in the Huawei Technologies program that will enhance their Chinese cultural and business knowledge and provide an insight into the work carried out at the headquarters of one of the world’s largest telecommunications equipment producers.”

“The students will also undertake a short course at the Beijing University of Language and Culture before heading to Huawei’s headquarters, where they will receive training on Huawei’s latest technologies; as well as experiencing the latest industry trends at Huawei’s exhibition centre, logistics centre, and research and development labs before returning home on 19 July,” Mr Rich-Phillips said.

“The program is complementary to the Victorian Coalition Government’s focus on building cultural and business ties with China and furthering the capabilities of our already strong Victorian ICT industry,” he said.

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